Put an end to rip-offs at the pharmacy around the corner: Get over-the-counter medications, cosmetics and dietary supplements cheaply and legally on the Internet. Which price search engine do you need? And how do you save on shipping? Here are the answers.

Type in the name of the drug and press Enter – and the drug search will spit out a number of mail-order pharmacies offering savings of 20, 50 or 70 percent. Anyone who pays the manufacturer’s recommended list price is definitely paying far too much.

A striking example: The Azaron stick for itching caused by insect bites costs 4.39 euros at the Eurapon mail-order pharmacy on the reference date and 8.95 euros at the nearest pharmacy here in Cologne. For the blood sugar measuring instrument Gl 34 of Beurer 4,59 euro become due with Aponeo. The official pharmacy selling price is 45.99 euro – makes a saving of 90 per cent.

Even if in the case of the Beurer blood glucose meter a subsidy by the manufacturer is to be assumed, in order to boost in consequence the sales of test sticks: Many pharmacy products buy you on-line more favorably.

Save money on self-purchased medicines

Apotal, DocMorris, Shop-Apotheke, Medikamente-per-Klick, Medpex and Sanicare are among the best-known online pharmacies. They all advertise high savings. But the prices for the same product vary widely. It is therefore better not to just order away.

Price search engines such as Medizinfuchs.de , Medipreis.de , Apomio or impotenzhilfe.ch show cheapest suppliers within seconds. They see, how much the pharmacy product costs, the difference to the original price and the forwarding expenses. Price search engines such as Billiger.de and Idealo.de also show favorable sources of supply for medicines.

And this is how it works: Simply enter the name of the medication you are looking for, the PZN (Pharmacy Central Number) or a product genre such as nose drops in the search field. Then the result of the price comparison for your searched medication Internet pharmacies appears.

Eyes up: Normally, shipping costs are still added, which are only waived above a certain order total.

Here lies the danger: Do not be tempted by the low prices for over-the-counter drugs to order more than necessary.

You need to know: The price search services only consider providers from whom they receive a commission. The result ranking thus reflects the price structure in the respective partner stores.

How to save up to 70 percent at online pharmacies

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