How did brands react to the Banana Art shenanigans?

If Leonardo da Vinci had the pleasure to attend Art Basel, he will definitely be impressed by some of the great work on display, but he will be equally shocked by some of the not-so-great work, like that overripe banana that was stuck to a wall using a duct tape, which apparently was sold for $120,000 – and it gets better, a comedian just took the banana and ate it!

The perfect recipe for a viral campaign, innit? Obviously this the perfect opportunity for brands to jump in and capitalise on this viral story.

Burger King poked fun on the Banana Art with this visual that was created by BUZZMAN Paris, replacing the banana with a french fries to create a much cheaper artwork.
Heinz in Brazil had the perfect response to Burger King’s ad, doubling the value of BK’s artwork by dipping it in their ketchup!
Carrefour found the perfect way to utilise the duct tape in a carousel ad, just brilliant!
Porsche reposted this cool artwork by Jeffrey Docherty, featuring a yellow brake calliper instead of the banana, the perfect artwork if you’re a petrolhead!
Nokia tweeted this photo that represent their idea of a masterpiece: “Bananas are delicious, but a banana that can make calls?? Now that’s a masterpiece! #ArtBasel”
Tekzen, a hardware store in Turkey, used this smart ad created by Creasoup in Istanbul to position itself as the place to get all the tools needed to create modern art.
MENY, a Norwegian supermarket chain, decided to share some common sense, saying: “The art of reducing food waste starts with buying and eating single bananas.”
Pepsi tweeted this photo and asked its followers to share their best offer.
Dr Pepper had a similar idea, but started the bid at $23!
Moon Pie had the best sense of humour about the banana art with this photo, which was published with this message: “I’m an artist now lol”.
And it’s not just brands, 2 Turkish municipalities created these visuals featuring their most famous product.
Popeyes invited its followers not to eat the art, but to go and observe their own version of the infamous masterpiece.
And finally with these ads that were created by TBWA in Puerto Rico for McDonald’s.

How did brands react to the Banana Art shenanigans?

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